Sunday, November 1, 2009

Things happening while I was too busy to blog

~ A visit from my Dad. My Daddy loves me no matter what, which makes him pretty awesome to have around.

~ My completion of 10 hours of foster care training in one week. Nevertheless, as of today, our license is expired while our background check gets processed. Apparently it takes a few weeks to determine that we haven't committed a felony since they did our background check twelve months ago.

~ Mark and my outing to a grown-up Halloween party. We dressed up, which I don't believe we've done since Disco Night at Classic Skate back in our BYU days.

~ My 38th birthday, which was lovely. The kids went out of their way to be sweet and solicitous all day.

~ Trick or Treating. This year we had almost zero costume drama. Jesse really got into the spirit, but Roscoe opted out.

Levi, if you can't tell, was Frodo Baggins the Hobbit. He was entrusted with my engagement ring, and he carried it safely through his journeys.

Other tidbits from our week:


  1. Love the costumes and the sleeper. I keep waiting for Henry to do that, but the best I've found him was on his nursery leader today.

  2. You and Mark's costumes look wonderful! Good job!

    And all the kids look just perfect, too.

    I can't believe you gave your engagement ring to Levi! I hope he knows how much you must trust him to do that.

    Classic sleeping pic!

  3. Wow, Roscoe opted out?! Opted out of FREE candy?! He's so angsty! Tell him I love him!

  4. Aren't little sleeping mouths the cutest mouths of all?

  5. You are Angelic every day, but wow, with the hair in soft golden curls...

    And Happy Birthday!