Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Good Morning

I'm slooowly waking up from some sort of sickness that kept me totally drained, sitting in bed day after day. Good thing we got a wii for Christmas and the kids have been happily swatting virtual bowling/base/tennis balls.

Wanna see one of the sweetest, coolest, most adorable gifts, ever? This is from my talented bro and SIL Mark and Kelly.

It's our family!
Complete with Mark's gray sideburns...

...Roscoe's black t-shirt...

...and Jesse's superhero cape (and undies!).

We're meant to use it as a geocache travel bug, but I don't believe we'll be able to let this little gem go.


  1. What a precious gift. The undies and cape are perfect!

  2. So sorry you've been down again. Ick. I wondered why you hadn't called me back.
    That is the most wonderful gift EVER! How adorable! It needs a shadow box frame with some awesome paper behind it and a place of honor so all can admire it. What talent that Kelly has!

  3. You could put it in a shadow box frame!

    Say, I saw your cardigans are on sale at Target..13.98.

    Hope you're 100% better.

    Oh, I see Nancy and I think alike :0)

  4. I saw the family "in progress" and wondered how you would ever let them "go a wandering". They are a treasure. As sweet a treasure as Jesse himself.

  5. What a great gift..and so glad you are better..not a good time of year for the primary president to get sick:)

  6. So presh! I'm drooling here. Mmm. love it!