Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Of Wells and Devotions

After my little meltdown last week, I did some hard thinking and set a new goal for myself.

I'm living the worst of both worlds when I'm running like crazy going through all the motions of being a Saint--taking care of children, putting in time on my Church calling, showing up for stuff--but shortchanging myself on the parts of the religious life that actually make the religious life worthwhile. I mean, if it were just about spending ten hours doing church on Sundays, then it would be a fool's enterprise, right? All that stuff--the tithing and activities and programs--is only there as the structure around which people can build deep wells of spirituality. Except sometimes I'm so busy on the structure that my well runs dry. [Mixed metaphor alert: Can you build a deep well around a structure? I think not.]
So on Haley's birthday, I set a goal to read the Book of Mormon in its entirety by Jesse's birthday, which is on April 23. That comes out to about two chapters a day. My plan is to read three a day, which leaves me plenty of leeway.

Whenever I recommit to my daily devotions of prayer and scripture study, I am always quickly and richly rewarded. I am a believer for the plain, simple fact that these things work for me on an empirical level. The peace, the strength, the palpable sense of guidance--they all emerge, as promised, whenever I do my part to open the conduit.


  1. Beautiful. Wonderful. Way to learn. I can't wait to hear about the blessings that will soon flood your way.