Wednesday, January 6, 2010

etc and sundry


On the way out to the van, I dropped a hot pan of funeral potatoes on the garage floor. It shattered. So I took the second pan to the funeral instead. Meaning, no potatoes for us.


I launched a new system wherein I roll a die at the beginning of each week to determine our family's Screen Free Day. (Which means no screen time--not, as some children suggested, that screen-time is free and unlimited.)

This week we rolled Tuesday, and it was not a huge success. Not because the kids couldn't fill their time without screen time--they could--but because I couldn't use it as a mood balancer when someone was throwing a fit. I realized that a bit o' PBS can go a long way toward resetting a hooligan's emotional clock. Levi was determined that I should fully and constantly feel his pain and parked himself thus as I tried to make dinner:


At night when they're put to bed, Levi invites Jesse up to his top bunk where he reads to him until they both fall asleep. The other night, we caught Levi singing "I Am a Child of God" to a droopy Jesse while softly stroking his hair.


Nothing if not industrious and innovative, these guys spontaneously decided to work out by hefting cans of diced tomatoes.

I have six resumes pending. Mark is out of town for 5 days.


This is what Jesse looked like on his way to his first day as a Sunbeam in Primary.
So now you see that yes he does own clothing.


  1. Wish I was there to babysit. I miss you all!

  2. Sorry about those potatoes. That is a bad tragedy.

    Love the screen free day idea. I feel your dinner making pain. Henry likes to stick his head RIGHT BETWEEN MY KNEES while he wails.

    Bunk bed buddies: so sweet.

    Grace's first day in sunbeams: "Mom, what are you doing?" (I'm the chorister) "I want to color now."

  3. What a cute Sunbeam! I can't believe he's there already. I wish we had his super hero powers in our Sunbeam class:)

  4. That screen free idea is brilliant. It's good to be reminded how addicted we are. I mean we moms.

    If I lived near I would bring you some potatoes!

    Those bunk buddy moments are precious. I always have to tell my girls to quiet down at night, but I don't even want to tell my boys too because I'm so glad they chose to talk, if only at that time of night.