Thursday, January 28, 2010

Food and Clean Clothes

I recently read this blog post in which a seasoned mother of seven divulges the two simple things that will make your life as a mother and homemaker better this year:

As I lay on the sofa, lamenting telephonically to my friend about my seriously miserable condition and the mountains of duties beckoning to -- no, hurling themselves at -- me -- especially the baby and my phenomenally, epically, heroically messy, dirty house, she told me this: basically your family needs food and clean laundry from you right now.

This advice has been echoing in my mind ever since. Laundry and food are things I tend to resent. They're so relentless! The laundry mounds up in no time, like a monster! You feed the people, they make a mess, you clean the mess, they want to eat again! But I know that providing these two things, on time, with grace, with a bit of extra flair and care is a great way to show my family my love for them and their importance to me.* The fact that these tasks pop up again and again every day gives me a chance, again and again every day, to be there for my family.** Cuz what says love better than the availability of clean undies?

* Which does not mean that family members don't have their own responsibilities to participate in generating good food and clean laundry.

** Like diaper-changing, where for some reason I've always had better success thinking of it as a meditation of love than a chore.


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  2. I love your post and hers. I think I need to print out her post and hang it in my laundry room to remind me of it every time I'm folding. ... For reals... I'm gonna do that.

  3. clean undies do = love.
    every time I find my drawer restuffed I really do feel the love.

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  5. I love this, too. I think I waste a lot of emotional energy resenting laundry. And how I ask my kids what they would like to eat for a half hour, get no response, make something to eat, and as soon as it is hot and ready, they are hungry. I need to stop wasting that emotional energy and just do it.