Friday, January 22, 2010

Just One More

Today in the van, out of the blue, Jesse said, "We need Mallory to come back to our house."

"She's our little sister," he continued. "She's at the wrong house."

"Well, she's our foster sister," I explained. "Her mom was really missing her. She needs to be with her mom."

"No," Jesse asserted. "She's our little sister."


It's been a year since we put our names back on the foster list. Six months since Mallory went home. And no new calls. I've been in touch with our people in the system, and yes, we're on the list. Salt Lake, for whatever reasons, actually has plenty of foster families for the moment. And, for whatever reasons, many people are requesting, like us, little girls. (But we have reasons for being so picky!)

I know I shouldn't complain since over and over again heaven has dropped pregnancies or foster children into our laps as soon as we decided we wanted them. (On a couple notable occasions, before we wanted them!) But it really feels like it's time to finish our family.

Just one more, I keeping telling myself. Just send me one more.

Where is our little sister?


  1. Oh what a sweet little Jesse. I often find myself asking a similar question, where is my husband? Heaven only knows, and I suppose we should be grateful for that.

  2. Have you heard that Michael Buble song "I Just Haven't Met You Yet."? If not, you should.

    I'm sure she's coming.

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  4. A dear friend of mine fostered many children. She learned something from each one. She ended up adopting her last foster child. He was a dumpster baby, found (rather, abandoned) in a dumpster. He's now a healthy, sweet, growing boy in a wonderful family.

    Fostering children is such a blessing and touches so many lives...and so far, I've been only on the sidelines of it all, observing.

  5. I waited 13 years for Harry. I knew he was there, that he was coming but never could figure out why he hadn't shown up yet.
    And then one day, out of the blue, when I had decided that maybe it wasn't meant to be,I was pregnant. Then he was here.
    Our lives have never been the same. I'm so glad he came late in our lives. He has been our entertainment and our joy.
    He's also really spoiled-ask Kelly.
    I look back and realize the Lord knew exactly when Harry needed to come to us.
    The Lord knows you and loves you. He will provide.