Wednesday, February 17, 2010


We did this with our dear friends the Flemings:
February is the perfect time to go to Disneyland. Not only because the weather is perfect and the lines are nonexistent but also because it's the perfect time to leave nearly everywhere else.

We did this, wherein I totally failed to appreciate how messy kids can get "wading" in the surf.
After driving up the coast to visit Mark's brother Troy and his family, we braved grumpy waiters in Chinatown.
Of course we did this.
For me a highlight of the whole trip was our visit to this little place, the Flying Fish Grill in Half Moon Bay.

flying-fish-IMG_5981 by Wright Reading.

After a long afternoon tramping through Chinatown and exploring the San Francisco waterfront, we drove down a long, dark, winding road to reach this place. It was well past dinner hour, I was tired, the kids were tired, and a sit-down restaurant with seven kids (ours plus Troy and Laura's) sounded like a nightmare. But Mark and I really wanted to treat the kids to some real, fresh coastal seafood, so on we went.

When we finally arrived, there was no table big enough for our group, so we shivered on the patio waiting for other diners to finish. But like Moses parting the Red Sea, within a few minutes half the restaurant had finished their meals and left.

In no time, our table was covered with mounds of fish and chips and fried calamari. The kids tucked in, too content to even contemplate whining or wiggling. Levi happily commented, "Everything in this meal can be dipped in ketchup!"

I didn't think of this until later, but often in a situation like this, when I tramp into a restaurant or store or whatever with a passel of kids, there's a palpable chill as the conversation lulls and everyone rolls their eyes and wishes we weren't there. Not tonight. No one seemed to mind us at all. Especially our adorable waitress with her red fingernails and long white braid down her back.

Everyone stuffed their bellies until we all fell into contented stupor. Roscoe slumped over the table. Jesse sagged to the side until he landed his head on my lap, half asleep. Levi melted onto the floor and rested his head on his chair. Our waitress walked by and tousled his hair. I think she enjoyed watching our restless kids turn into focused eaters and then sated sleepyheads.

It was a perfect night.

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  1. Great pics! I'm so glad you guys got to go do that.

    ps - love your scarf. Mom gave me the same one and I wear it constantly. As an accessory with a black shirt, as an actual warmth-giving scarf, as a blanket in movie theatres. Love it