Thursday, February 11, 2010


On Tuesday we drove across barren Nevada all the way to the Pacific Ocean. After all the stress and flurry of the preceding few days, Mark and I enjoyed even more than usual just sitting quietly next to each other as the road rolled beneath us. (Yes, the kids got a DVD player. Hence the peace.)

After a blessedly uneventful day of driving we arrived at our friends' the Flemings, then popped right back up the next morning to drive to Disneyland. We spent our free tickets on the best Disneyland day ever. No lines. Sunshine. Not too hot, not too cold. Nine kids but not one meltdown. We broke into two groups: A pack of big kids who literally jogged from ride to ride. And a flock of little kids who wandered, dithered, and explored.

Today: the beach. Tomorrow: San Francisco and Chinatown.


  1. Oh I'm glad you're having fun! I'm jealous. And I'm glad it is working so nicely!

  2. I think the greatest thing is that this is when you create such great childhood memories. I will never forget our family trips to CA.

  3. Hooray! I'm so glad you guys are out having fun together. Say hi to Mark and Kelly for us and keep up the good fun!

  4. Good for you!
    Has Logan seen Percy Jackson yet? Our neighborhood mounted a trip to the midnight showing the day it came out. (With 20-foot snow mounds everywhere and our road still a wreck, I was the party-pooper, non-Jeep-owning mom who made my kids wait til afternoon.) The boys liked it, but weren't bowled over. They couldn't over the fact that Anna Beth wasn't blonde!