Friday, February 26, 2010

Goodbye Kelton

As you’ve probably guessed, Kelton is gone. His caseworker picked him up yesterday afternoon to deliver him to his uncle’s house. We all felt a little blue and deflated. A half-empty bottle sat on the ottoman. The cradle was empty except for a little hat that still smelled like sweet baby. Our arms felt empty.

This week was such a special treat for our family. When Kelton arrived he was scabby and remote, not at all sure he was ready to join this world of light and noise. When he left, he was rosy pink and engaged, ready to open his eyes and bond with his family. Those first few days of life on earth are so strange and rare and precious, and we got an extra chance to witness them.

Why is it that you can’t help but melt a little inside when you look at a newborn baby? It’s not just the cuteness. I think looking in that tiny face reminds us of an important truth. Something we often forget. A baby face shows us our real human condition. We all are as precious, as valuable, as potential-laden as that baby. With a core of purity and godliness just the same, even though ours may be obscured. This is who we really are. And we should treat each other as such.

{Fam: You can check the kids' private blogs for pics of them loving on the baby.}


  1. I completely agree! I just spent half an hour cruising my blog archives and looking at pics of baby Isaiah and 1 yr old Asher and thinking about how different they are now. And despite my thoughts occasionally drifting into "why can't they just stay that innocent?", mostly my thoughts were of those kids' divinity. And that it may be harder to see now when they're back talking and smashing things, etc, but that it's still there just the same.
    Babies are truly a glimpse at our potential. Well put.

  2. Well put. I think also that with each baby you have you just love babies in general even more. Do you think that same rule will apply to teenagers?

  3. (sob) Babies are delicious. Just when I thought my next baby would be a book, this post gives me another pause...

  4. My you guys have been busy! What an experience. Just more proof of what an amazing person (family) you are! I just read your email too, thanks (ya, I had a lot of catching up to do) I will give you a call. We need a get together SOON!