Thursday, February 18, 2010

Maybe I Will

I'm contemplating something. A new project/challenge for myself. Not quite ready to reveal it yet. But here's the background:

Exhibit A
I'm reading Julie and Julia (which I'm loving, though I do think Julie Powell has a bit of the Elizabeth Gilbert syndrome), which for me isn't so much about food or cooking or blogging or Julia Child as about jumping your life into a different place by committing to a project that's simple but not easy. Like living the Golden Rule--simple, but not easy.

Exhibit B
We have now lived in this house for four-and-a-half years, longer than I've lived anywhere, ever. And we haven't had a new child for almost four years. I've got plenty going on in my life, but I'm also feeling a bit stagnant, treading water.

Exhibit C
I'm starting to feel tempted by the things I'll be able to do in just a few more years when we don't have little, little kids anymore. But the time for those things is not yet. Mark and I feel strongly that one mistake parents of largish families sometimes make is quitting too soon. We've got to continue to give best efforts, total commitment, and full attention to the time-intensive needs of our young children.

For example, we recently had a pow-wow about how to organize life so Mark can have a few nights a month to prepare parts of his dissertation for publication. A few nights a month doesn't sound like much. But we came away with the conclusion that now is not the time for that. We're in the core stage of life, where we've got big kids with big-kid needs--not just art equipment and rides to karate but complicated social feedback and high school planning--and little kids with little-kid needs--consistent discipline, bedtime stories, routines. To really do it right, it takes both of us, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

So stay tuned for the big reveal!


  1. I totally agree about Julie and Julia. It's about sticking with it even when it sucks and you can't remember why you started.

    Can't wait to see where all those teasers are going...

  2. Good point about giving up too soon. I need to remember that just because I will have free time during the day in the future, it does not mean my evenings should be occupied too.

    I hope your project includes visiting the beach once a month.