Friday, March 12, 2010

Feed Rate versus Chew Rate

Though I claim to live in hot pursuit of a "normal" week of peace, in reality I constantly devise new ways to keep myself just on this edge of collapse.

Helpful as always, my brother Joe helped me clarify my thinking to realize that my biting-off-more-than-I-can-chew syndrome is the result of "the sheer quantity causing the feed rate to exceed the chewable quantity rate" as opposed to "a situation where your mouth is so full that you physically can't move your mandible." So thanks for that insight, bro.

Here's a sneak peek as to what--given the absence of illness, travel, or foster babies--has been keeping me all a-dither this week:

It's my bedroom--with its myriad windows, planes, walls, corners, and doorways--painted "Totally Teal." A shade I pointed out to Mark should make our bedroom an oasis of serenity. Confused, and without a shade of irony, he responded, "What?! What serenity?"


  1. I am interested in the location of this serenity too. When Mark finds it, have him email to me.

    But I DO love the color, nice selection.

  2. Totally Teal, eh? I'm a color therapy type myself. Usually I use it in my clothes but I think it works on the walls too. Let us know if the serenity comes with the paint.

  3. I love it, too. Although it's not at all what I would call teal so either I'm confused as to what teal is or the color is a little off on my computer.

    I think you have to accept your serenity in very small doses. A snuggle here, something easier than expected for just a moment here, 10 minutes of quiet here. And then just maybe add all those up at the end of the week or something.

  4. Would you believe our room is the same color? Shortly after we painted I got the stomach flu and as I endured it I just felt so greatful for that particularly comforting hue.