Friday, March 19, 2010

Notes from the Underworld

Usually the messages from the underworld that I encounter are benign evidences of the barbarian (un)civilization that shares my home. Other times they seem canny, calculated, and devious.

This morning I'm rushing around trying to find Jesse's shoes so we can get the grocery shopping done so we can deliver Logan's forgotten backpack to him before a key event so we can pick up Haley and her friend on time from school.

And I can't find those shoes anywhere. "Why," I berate myself, "can I not even manage to keep track of this child's shoes?!"

Later in the afternoon I'm collecting laundry from the kids' bedrooms. Look at the tidy laundry bucket from Levi and Jesse's room. Miraculously, it appears to contain 1.) the boys dirty laundry and 2.) nothing that isn't dirty laundry. Things may be looking up, I think.
But look again at those two white socks at the top of the bucket.


  1. Very devious. Watch your back, Ang.

  2. Oh how funny!!! We once looked high and low for 2 hours before traveling from Colorado to Vegas for Christmas for my then two year old daughter's only pair of tennis shoes. We finally gave up and slapped church shoes on her and left. Then we found out we missed an avalanche on I70 by two hours. Thankful? Yup.

    And when we got home a week later, they were in a chocolate covered cherry box inside of the refrigerator...and I was thanking the angel that hid them there!

  3. So any speculation as to the possible reward some child may have imagined for talking such care with the shoes in question?

  4. What an ingenious way to make sure you don't delay the family because you can't find socks.