Monday, March 8, 2010

Smooth Waters and Mario Kart

Smooth Waters
We loved our weekend getaway with two delightful families. We stayed in a big cabin, outfitted with a spacious basement kid-den. Mark and I took turns outfitting in sexy Star Trek-esque dry suits and wading up the Zions Narrows.

Sloshing through and across water seemed so strange--since it often feels like my life's prime directive is to keep everyone and everything dry. Favorite moment: When, after I almost went down in a surprisingly deep hole, our friend Luana sagely commented, "Smooth waters run deep." If only that described me.

Mario Kart
For Christmas I accidentally bought the kids Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, a wii game that is rated T for Teen. Our family rules put T games on par with PG-13 movies, as in you can watch/play them only after you've turned 13 (and then only with parental clearance, and only when the younger kids aren't around). I intended to return the game, but Roscoe talked me in to letting him have it. He loved it. So much so, that he talked Mark and I into playing it with him one Saturday night. We were a little horrified. In this game, the player is a bad guy. And we ran around hacking wookies and Jedis to death.

The next day, Roscoe reread For the Strength of Youth for a Duty to God requirement. When he read the section on choosing only uplifting media, his conscience was pricked. And the next day, he asked if I would return the Star Wars game to get one all the kids could enjoy. Not being totally foolish, I quickly agreed.

And now, thanks to the awesome and virtuous Roscoe, we have Mario Kart and can all do this:


  1. I so adore your blog. Thank you for posting. I draw strength from it, seriously. So fabulous and entertaining, and so many pearls of wisdom.


  2. First off, holy cow that's one gorgeous pic from your water trek!

    Second, I so adore that Roscoe. What a great guy!

  3. So fun! Glad you guys had such a fun weekend down south

  4. My favorite part of that video is sweet Jesse in the background. I have no idea what he's saying, but its just so Jesse, and so your family. I just love it!