Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So the project to paint the bedroom "Totally Teal" was about as painful as I had feared. The previous owners had painted the room three different colors, and badly, with splashes of paint and bits of old tape everywhere. And I wanted nice crisp lines between the teal walls and white ceiling, which took a lot of work. (Involving taping, painting a stripe of white, letting it dry to seal the tape, then painting a stripe of the wall color. It actually worked pretty well, so let me know if you want more details.)
And my room has so many strange walls and corners. And then once the bedroom was done, I had to do the bathroom. And then the battered old sewing machine cupboard didn't fit in the bright new room, so I had to paint that.
This little corner is the new headquarters for my business. I know, swanky.

I was scared that I might hate the bright color, but I actually love it. It's a different shade every time I walk in the room, depending on light and shadow.

Anyway, loose ends remain. I actually don't like the color of the cupboard, so I think I'll redo it. And I need new throw pillows. And a bed skirt.

But not today.


  1. I love it! It seems bright and cheery, but not TOO bright and cheery. Crisp but not like... sanitary. It's perfect! Totally zen.

  2. Not that it's UNsanitary.... ya know?

  3. It turned out beautiful! And thanks for the tip on getting crisp lines. I think I need to have you come help me paint my room:)

  4. Great job! I love the color, and I have the exact same cedar chest at the foot of my bed!

  5. Lovely and serene. Next time you are forced to convalesce you'll thank yourself for the soothing hue! ;)

  6. Oh I LOVE it! Well done Ang!