Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Painter's Tape

Remember how it snowed for the kids' spring break? Well, now they're off track and it's basically going to snow, wind, and rain the entire time.

Here's my high-tech plan to generate goodwill:

It's a grid of squares each labelled with a reward, encased in a page protector, and covered with a bit of painter's tape. (They say duct tape can fix anything, but it's painter's tape I can't live without.)

Most of squares say something like You're Golden! or Hug Mom, but some of them are things like 99 cents at Wendy's or No chores today. There are even a couple Mom Will Clean Your Room squares, which I thought might have the added bonus of introducing to the kids what a cleaned room actually looks like. When I catch you being good you can peel off a square of tape to see what lies beneath.


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  2. That is a good idea. I might have to adopt that one.

  3. Angela, another winner! I cut and pasted it to a few clients that are constantly wanting new ideas to positively reward and motivate little ones!. The affordability is also a bonus! Keep sharing, I love your blog.