Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Break

This is what we're doing on our first day of spring break:

We can't get over the feeling that it's Christmas, what with the snow and the day off and the Harry Potter movie in the background. But in fact it's Easter, for which Mark's parents are here to celebrate.

This morning I wandered downstairs in my jammies with my laptop. Within about ten minutes, my father-in-law had found me a HUGE tax refund. Huge.

Then, when explaining how he's slipping in his old age, he explained, "I can't lift a bag of concrete anymore. I can't throw a bale of hay." Things the average person can't do at all.

Then, about two seconds later, he was discussing with Haley how she could give each of her stuffed animals a variation on the name Isabel: Bella, Izzy, Isaella, etc.

Pretty versatile guy.


  1. That is such a messed up Spring Break that it shouldn't even count!

    Glad you're enjoying FIL. Always good to have nice and helpful company.

  2. Congratulations on the huge tax return. Great news! That and snow for Spring Break....

  3. Harry Potter, yes. We've been watching a lot of that around here of late.

    Hard to imagine spring break with snow. The pictures amaze me (a desert girl).

    Happy Easter!!

  4. Hey we built a snowman too:) Could your awesome fatehr in law come and help us find a big tax break so that could be the same as well?

  5. Speaking of Harry Potter and weather ... we got totally sunburned at the White House Easter Egg Roll, where J.K. Rowling was one of the readers. Christopher was incredulous that Rowling isn't a man!