Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Scenes

Today our ward Relief Society president gave one of the sweetest talks I've ever heard. Most of her talk was a litany of all the little acts of service in our ward that she is privy to through her calling. She said things like this:
  • I know a woman who massages her friend's arthritic hands after she plays the piano in Relief Society.
  • I know a woman who moved in with her elderly parents to be their caretaker.
  • I know a man who gave his bed to a friend when she was unable to walk up the stairs to her bedroom.
  • I know a woman who made a video of Primary sharing time and took it to a little girl who was ill at home.
  • I know a woman who bakes the ham every time there's a funeral.
  • I know a boy who shoveled snow for elderly neighbors.
  • I know a couple who brings their prize-winning flowers to church so all can enjoy them.
  • I know a woman who cleaned another family's home every week while their son was dying.
It went on and on and on. Many times, we ward members knew who she was speaking of. Sometimes we didn't. We could see the cumulative effect of all the little things we do for each other, and how they all bind us together. It was really a beautiful experience.


Jesse operates in three modes: 1.) Unbroken steam-of-consciousness blather heavily laced with references to superheroes. 2.) Raging fit. 3.) Absorbed contentment. Today was a lot of Mode 3. He wandered alone and quiet in the backyard for hours. Then he came in and climbed under the play table to play with blocks.
The other kids played an entire game of Sorry! with no arguments!

Mark has basically been at church for the last 13 hours. He has popped in a few times to eat and hang with the kids.


  1. Look at the guns on that Rocose!

  2. it is strange to hear a man voice on roscoe I remember when I first met you guys when he was just 3 or 4 :)

  3. What a nice shirt Logan is wearing! And what a lovely baritone voice coming out of Roscoe! You should get him singing!

  4. Yeah--I noticed that Roscoe's falsetto is gone. What a happy group!