Monday, April 5, 2010

A True Disciple

My favorite part of General Conference was this talk by Elder Uchtdorf. I have heard Elder Uchtdorf speak powerfully, compellingly, eloquently--but I don't think I've ever heard him speak so pleadingly, commandingly, fervently.

Overall, General Conference helped me see all the ways I need to recommit myself to behaving as--to being--one of Christ's disciples. Christ's teachings are so simple, so plain. But not at all easy. The more complicated life becomes, it seems, the more difficult it is to stay committed to those simple truths. Really, it's all about loving others. The simplest, most challenging thing there is.


  1. By this shall all men know...

  2. "...loving others. The simplest, most challenging thing there is."

    I couldn't agree more! So simple and SO HARD! It's easy for me to love strangers, hard for me to love people who are supposed to be kind to me and aren't. (Ehem, relatives.)

    I loved conference! Mostly because the first few talks contained things I had just felt inspired to write to my missionary son. I am amazed at how Heavenly Father will back up our teaching, sometimes in BIG ways.

  3. Was that the one where he talked about the statue of Christ with no hands? Cuz I want a picture of that statue! I've always loved the imagery of being an instrument in God's hands and now that statue has become a part of that imagery for me. I do so love to hear him speak. His are almost always my favorite.

  4. ...and the most rewarding thing there is.