Monday, April 12, 2010

Unicorn Sighting

You know that mythical week when all the kids are in school and there are some blank spots on the calendar? I think this is it! It does exist!

Then Levi's soccer season starts, and it's Jesse's birthday, then the kids are off track, and spring school events are always a blur, and then it's summer.
So this week I'm investing in catch-up. Today I did some major housecleaning and put away all the kids' winter gear. (Yes, it very well could snow again. But if it does, we're not wearing our coats. I refuse!) I'm going to make sure all my resume work is well caught-up and do just one eensy-weensy painting project. I resolve to enjoy this off-track, which means I can't be overloaded and stressed.

{knock on wood}


  1. Good thing you knocked on wood! A statement like, "I *cant* be overloaded" is just begging for a proving-wrong. If I were you I'd re-word that to, "I *wont* be overloaded". Slightly less cosmic risk.

  2. You are a marvel. Today I managed to get dressed and organize 2 drawers. That's about it.

  3. I feel like I should assume lotus position in honor of this magical time for you, though by how far behind I was in my reader, it may be past. I hope it was lovely.

  4. was you eensy-weeensy painting project the half-wall in you kitchen that took seven coats and significant clean up? I hope not. The wall looks really cool BTW.