Tuesday, May 4, 2010

etc and sundry

After being off track for more than a week, we finally crossed the Rubicon. Yesterday instead of waking up to squeals and bickering, I woke to the sound of Haley and Levi downstairs playing Sorry! Resolving all rules disputes peaceably. Then they moved on to chess. (How that pair resolved rule disputes on that one I know not.) It's so great when they get like this!


There's a chalkboard in the basement outside Roscoe and Logan's rooms where I like to write inspiring messages for my big boys. Logan has taken to adding his own comments--in verse. What's especially choice about this one is Roscoe's comment below Logan's ("Logan- not funny").
So that about sums up the personality differences between those two. (What they share in common is poor penmanship and spelling.)


My mother summoned all her creativity (and pent-up frustration over my penchant for baby boys) to create this bedroom-in-a-box for Haley.
Everything is reversible, so Haley can create whatever combination of polka-dots, stripes, or vines her little heart desires.

The day the box arrived, she said, "I can't wait to go to bed!"

So what I am doing now that I can bad-mouth people at will and don't have to read fifty pages of the Book of Mormon every night? Once I finished the Book of Mormon, I was excited to dive right back in. But this time I'm going slow and deep. I bought a new notebook where I'm keeping lists of each sermon, turning point, and battle. In the remainder of the book, I'm writing extensive notes on each right-hand page. Then my next time through the Book of Mormon, I can add notes on each left-hand page. So far I'm on 1 Nephi chapter 3. Using this method, I found new insights and inspiration even in chapter 1, which usually feels so worn-out and familiar.

Also I'm doing a Biggest Reader challenge with some friends on Facebook. I have to read at least 35 pages a day for the next three months. And if I'm the most consistent reader, I win the jackpot! (Which is like $30.) The reading part shouldn't be a problem--it's the getting dinner made at the same time that I struggle with.


  1. Haley's room is so darn adorable!!! Love the combo of patterns. And the rug! Just adorable. I bet Haley feels very special.
    The Reader's Challenge sounds like fun. I, like you, would have no problem with that except for the getting anything else done part.

  2. OOh, so great to have Haley's space decorated. I don't know what it looked like before, but I'd move into that room as it is now,

    I'm tempted to send Haley a ballet outfit (including tutu!) in a box...

  3. That Hailey is one lucky girl! And what an AMAZING grandma. I think I will have to write that one down to use later (much later..)so I can be super grandma too:)