Friday, May 14, 2010

Her Handiwork

This morning on npr, I heard a father on Story Corps telling his daughter about her mother, who died from cancer. He said, "She sculpted a life in you. You are her handiwork. And whenever I look at you, I remember your mother."

Tomorrow Haley and I fly to Dallas to visit my mother and grandmother, the women whose handiwork we are. We'll probably play some Hand and Foot, watch Murder, She Wrote, and do some shopping. This is Haley's first time on an airplane, and she's very, very excited about the complimentary Sprite. And it's our first time on a trip together, just us girls.

We better enjoy it, because this is what awaits us when we return:


  1. Have so, so much fun! You girls will have such a great time. And I bet this will be one of those things that Haley will remember forever as a highlight of her life.

    And I love that...handiwork...

  2. We just got plane tickets to go visit my brother and sister-in-law in San Fran, and my kids, who are also riding for the first time, are excited for the peanuts! Too bad we couldn't have just bought peanuts (and Sprite).

    Seriously though, I've been thinking about the importance of making memories like this lately, and am feeling grateful for the chance.

  3. Have a great time! You deserve it!

  4. A good mother is a wonderful, wonderful, special, awesome, marvelous treasure.

  5. Steve and I just talked about the fact that memories of growing up seem to focus on the exceptions more than the daily stuff--so this is a great opportunity for her to get that alone time.

    Don't forget the nail polish.