Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ruminations on My Boys

After years of misfires and misunderstandings, I learned from The Five Love Languages of Children that Logan’s Love Language is “Acts of Service.” Which means that sometimes when he asks me to give (unnecessary) help with his homework or drive him to the library (in easy biking distance) he’s not (just) abdicating his responsibilities, he’s asking for love and attention in the way he feels it most.

So yesterday when he came home from school, I said, “Logan, is there anything I can help you with today?”

He froze. The moment hung quiet and large. He scrambled for a response. I suggested, “Did you want me to take you to buy Ryan’s birthday present?”

So we did.

On the way home, Logan said, “You must be in a good mood.” Actually, it had been a pretty crummy day. “No baby, I’m just speaking your language.”


This week I took Roscoe and Logan for check-ups. I watched the doctor examining those lanky arms and big feet and strong backs. The inch-by-inch familiarity I used to have with their bodies is long gone. Now I’m kind of intimidated by the manly outcroppings of their boyish selves.

The doctor had me fill about a form about Roscoe's health and social skills. The last question asked, "What about your child makes you proud?"

I wrote, "Everything."


Last night, I’m waiting in the car during Levi’s soccer practice while Jesse naps in his carseat. I look up from my book just in time to see Levi sweep across the field and slice the ball into the goal.

“Who did that?” one of the coaches yells. “That was beautiful!”

I myself am a klutz with no depth perception who probably can’t catch the car keys if you toss them to me. What my kids’ strong healthy bodies can do on monkey bars and trampolines and soccer fields is beautiful and amazing to me.

In the setting sun I can’t see Levi’s face as he pumps his fists in victory. Just a halo of sunshine around his head.


  1. Tears in my eyes Angela. Your boys are amazing! I think I need to read that book.

  2. Not crying here, but I have this silly grin on my face. You just made me happy.

    Did you really say that to Logan though? Or was that the thought that crossed through your head?

  3. Awwww. Thsoe are such wnderful moments. How odd it seems to me to picture big boys sitting on the Drs table instead of alittle person so small that you dont dare step away in case they loose their balance.

  4. What a beautiful post Angela! It made me want to find out what the language of love is for each of my children... I hope this is a silver bullet, I need one right now.

  5. Those paydays will continue to come after so many years of work, work, work.