Tuesday, May 25, 2010


A few slices from the week of the year that once prompted me to compare myself to whirling dervishes.

Last night Roscoe's production of Honk debuted. He was fantastic, and I'm not just saying that because I'm his adoring mother. He totally threw himself into his overblown, comical character. He had stage presence! And he sang solo!
(That's Roscoe in the middle. More pics to come on his private blog.)

Also Roscoe finished his piano year with a recital.
This is how I tried to keep Jesse quiet during the performances:
The other day I looked out the window...

...and saw this.
Haley did her kindergarten program today. She was a doll.

See, all you who think I don't girlie her enough, I dressed her in a pretty pink dress just for the event!

And as per the kindergarten teachers' command and a signed contract, I did the conga with her. Sheesh! The kindergarteners congaing in a circle was adorable. Us parents, not so much. So after our little celebratory trip to Wendy's, I asked Haley to demonstrate her fantastic conga technique:

p.s. Yesterday I sold our van and bought a Ford Expedition. Which I love with a love that is probably beyond pure righteousness.


  1. Hailey looks perfectly girly. Nice work. And Roscoe looks far more grown up than Id like to see.

  2. Yes, I love my Expedition as well. I figure that if we live in a place with snow, want to go on adventures off road (or just making it out of my driveway without scraping the undercarriage), and have a big family, I can feel ok with the environmental impact I'm making. Plus did I mention I love having it in snow, I think I just need the 4WD for the confidence boost.

    And what color?

  3. Ok that's funny, as i talked to you last night I was thinking "Wasn't it a big van that they got? I don't remember them having this car. This is a nice car. I want one."
    Cute Hailey. I love those presentations. Can't wait to see Roscoe's part tomorrow.

  4. 1. Great pictures/video - thanks for taking the time to share

    2. Can I claim to be astonished and dissappointed there was no video of YOU in the congaline? I mean, that is what I was really hoping to see.

    3. I trust the van situation (rather than a problem) turned out as a money-maker for you? Or at least a breakeven proposition?

    4. Love to see some pics of the proud owner of the gas-hog (with the gas-hog) Maybe a family shot?

    5. The lawn looks GREAT

  5. Yes, photos! Inside, outside, dashboard, controls, carseats, tires, big kids in place, kiddies in carseats. We want to see it all.

    How exciting!!