Friday, June 25, 2010

Born Yesterday

Last night Mark and I went to a concert at the Utah Arts Festival--Michelle Shocked and the Cowboy Junkies--with some of our old college friends. Michelle Shocked sang her classic "Anchorage," and on the line where an old friend tells her to "keep on rockin'" she ad-libbed, "I will if you will." So our group, aging fast, some of us suburbanites with kids, kept on rockin.

The concert ended late and we lingered catching up with our old friends. By the time we caught our train home it was past midnight. And by the time the train dropped us off at our connecting station, there were no more trains. So that's how we ended up lounging at an abandoned train station waiting for friends to come pick us up. I stretched out on a bench. Mark got comfy on the sidewalk beside me. Light glowed from the windows of the hospital across the parking lot. We gazed at the stars.

Turns out, that very day, a baby was born in that very hospital. And tomorrow, that baby is coming to our house.

You know the drill: Who knows what will happen. Maybe she'll go to her grandma's house in a few days. Maybe she'll stay with us forever. But either way, we like how the stars aligned so that we were nearby on the day she was born.


  1. Your writing is beautiful, Angela. Your heart is big and as I read your words, the hair on my arms stood high. I am really happy for you guys. Your words also give me hope. We need to talk.

    Last night was a gift.

  2. That is the coolest story. EVER!

  3. Nice story. Very cool. It's no surprise, because you guys ROCK!

  4. One of your very best qualities is that unconditional love you have for a child you have never even seen. I can 'hear' it coming through in every word.

  5. What a beautiful ending to a beautiful evening.

  6. Hooray! I watched from a campsite last evening as the stars aligned above the trees. I didn't know they were doing it for you. :)