Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cheese Touch

Today I went on a field trip with Levi's second grade class. I very seldom show up at daytime school events--too hard to shuffle little kids and resume schedules--but today Roscoe was willing to hold down the fort at home, so onto the bus I climbed with Levi and 50 of his best friends.

If there are any holdouts on the idea that boys and girls are about the same, I invite you to try such a bus ride. With very few exceptions, boys sat in the back and girls sat in the front. Boys bounced, jostled, piled five to a seat, and stuck their arms out the windows. Girls sat in the conventional fashion--you know, pockets on the seat, feet on the floor, heads to the front.

One boy hollered, "Boys sit in the back and girls sit in the front, because we like danger!"

Another boy chimed in, "We like danger because we want to get hurt!" Which, if true, would explain a lot about boys' behavior.

As we drove, the boys played some game wherein your neighbor pokes, pinches, or otherwise attempts to injure you until you say, "Stop." In a cunning strategic twist, your attacker can at any time deem that you must instead say, "Cut it out." (I'm not being figurative here. That really was the game. So Boy 1 would say, "Stop!" and Boy 2 would say, "No, you have to say 'cut it out.'")

Much discussion was held over the purpose and rules for "Cheese Touch." No consensus was reached. Which did not stop the boys from constantly poking each other and yelling, "Cheese Touch!" I think we don't want to know what it really means.

On our return trip, the back-of-the-bus boys treated us to a rousing rendition of the song "A-B-C-D-E-F-G Barney is my enemy," which ends with the line, "Now this song is rated R."

When the bus came to a stop, the boys immediately jumped into the aisle and pushed toward the front. Creating a jostling, poking traffic jam. The girls, wisely waiting in their seats, watched with an air of ennui.


  1. Cheese touch is from "The diary of a wimpy kid". Yeah... i saw that movie....

  2. RAD!
    I sat in front... not my flavor of danger I guess...