Monday, June 7, 2010

You know, stuff

Roscoe is out of school, which you might think would be helpful and in many ways is, but which also requires me to constantly be doing things like picking him up from cross-country runs that start at 6:30 in the blessed morning and buying him supplies for the pioneer trek he's doing in a couple days. Also trying to buy him a suit that fits his long, skinny self, which turned out to be much, much more complicated than forecast. Oh, and buying him new running shoes for said cross-country.

After a long, chilly spring, it's hot. And our swamp cooler doesn't work. Meaning that we have no cooling of any sort at all. Unless I conscript children to fan me with palm fronds.

A certain little chicita has been so terribly, uncharacteristically naughty that Mark and I are befuddled. So last night I crawled into her bed and we made a list of all the good things that happen to good children, like cookies and wii and bike riding and friends. Then I told her that she had none of those privileges. They were all gone. But that I would be watching her to find opportunities to grant her happy consequences when I saw good behavior. Strangely, this is working. Instead of taking things away bit by bit, I'm giving them back, which means I'm commenting on the good and ignoring the bad. Boffo but effective.

Can I give a shout-out to public school teachers. Here in Utah we're famous for achieving pretty good educational results while paying our teachers pennies. What this mean is that our teachers do it all out of little more than their own love and goodness. Including this cross-country coach who meets his team every morning all summer. And the seminary teacher who built his own little Army of Helaman. And the poor teachers that moved all their stuff to a neighboring school so our school could get retrofitted over the short summer break. My children have been so blessed by their enthusiastic, dedicated, caring teachers. Thanks.

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  1. I'd have to agree...yea for the teachers. Our kids have had some pretty amazing ones too. I teared up a bit as I watched that great seminary video. Funny that Miranda and Roscoe shared their talent of singing "popcorn popping" together. Sad they won't be in school together next year.

    I'll hope for cool days ahead for you:)