Friday, July 16, 2010


~ After a mind-numbing three hours at the DMV, Roscoe has his learner's permit. We've gone driving several times and he's actually not bad.

~ Tomorrow we head up to a McGee family reunion. Pool, food, chatting, cousins, mountain air.

~ Our family is organizing this reunion so this morning Levi agreed to be my Costco partner. We filled two carts to overflowing. At checkout we realized we had been thriftier than estimated. So we loaded it all into the car, then went back in to buy more. Not yet sure how we'll get all that back in the car along with the kids for the drive up the mountain tomorrow.

~ Logan has been at scout camp all week I cannot believe how different it's been around here. Mark and I always jokingly refer to Logan as a rabble-rouser but we've never fully realized how much he rouses our rabble. He loves to mix things up and keep things hopping. It's been so quiet and peaceful around here. Often, no one is yelling.

~ For the last nine weeks, my poor sister has been on bed rest with a baby who wants to make a very premature appearance. It's not getting easier for her. Nancy, hang in there while we're gone. When we get back from our trip, we want you to still be pregnant!

~ See you next week!


  1. I'm very proud of you for the Costco trip. And I have every intention of still being pregnant, and laying on my couch, when you get back.

  2. "Often, no one is yelling." Hahahahaha. Hope you have a great reunion.