Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Day of School, v1

Sad but true, we've already had our first first day of school. This year, despite all my excitement about everyone being on traditional schedules and the potential for unified calendars, we'll have five of them. Every single child starts school on a different day. Even the ones going to the same school.

Poor Logan, who was the last person to go to school--on July 2!--was the first to go back. As a seventh grader, he starts middle school. So that's a big leap. Also, he started at a charter school rather than the middle school where most of his friends are. Another big leap.

Fortunately, this boy has a talent for making clothes look good, even slightly dorky school uniforms.

Just thinking of Logan these days warms my heart. Turning twelve and getting the Aaronic Priesthood has really helped him realize the value of responsibility and duty and righteousness, which has been a huge blessing for him. He is a much happier person now that he has learned a little more about doing his part. Not too many parents can say that their twelve-year-old is more cooperative and pleasant than he was a year ago. But we can.

Logan is worried about the bad influences rumored to run amok at middle school. He's worried about keeping up with all his classes. These are worries that will help him rise to the challenge. And we're here to help.


  1. Can't wait to hear more first day stories.

  2. Looking good Logan:) Good luck in Middle school. I bet he'll love the charter school. and good luck to mom having 5 first days of school.

  3. He does manage to make that outfit look pretty cool. So glad to hear that he's rising to the occasion for middle school. Good luck, Logan!

  4. I can't believe we kept you up so late that night. Sorry. But thanks for letting us do it!