Friday, August 27, 2010

First Day of School, v3 & 4

Levi starting 3rd grade yesterday.

Haley starting 1st grade today.

The good news--the important news--is that all the kids are getting a great start to the school year. Levi and Haley both love their teachers. Logan, who was very nervous about starting a new middle school without his friends, has been totally won over by his enthusiastic teachers. Roscoe, whose huge high school intimidates even his mother, seems to be taking the place by storm and has won plum parts in the school's highly competitive, award-winning Shakespeare team. It's a real blessing and relief to feel all the kids are on the right track for a year of happiness and growth.

The other news is that these weeks of new starts and new schedules every day has been amazingly exhausting. We're packing up for a weekend trip to the McGee cabin and I'm pulling myself around the house like it's the Bataan death march.

Next week, I'm hoping, will be much, much smoother.

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