Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day, v2 & a Festivus Miracle

Yesterday was the second first day of school. Roscoe, who is a sophomore, started at Hillcrest High School, which we learned at registration when we were searching for his locker has all kinds of dark, winding hallways that lead nowhere. Apparently he took it all in stride. And I took not one picture. Oh well.


For months Jesse has slept on his floor. More specifically on the floor in his doorway, where he is right in the middle of anyone passing by and where he's in danger of being stepped on. It's not conducive to good sleep. In desperation last night at 10:00 I said, "Why won't you sleep in your bed?" Miraculously, he gave a straight answer: "The sheet are too cold." We swapped his cute cowboy sheets for flannel ones and gol' darn it if that boy didn't climb into his bed and go to sleep. He even allowed me to put a flannel pillowcase on the nasty pillow he normally insists on using sans case. He looked so civilized in an actual bed. It was a Festivus Miracle.


  1. Was the miracle that he answered you with the correct reason, that he slept in a bed, or both?

  2. May there be Festivus for the rest of us too:) And good luck to Roscoe. Yesterday Miranda was wishing that was the school she was going to. I'm sure he will love it.

  3. Lee, both. Actual problem-solving communicating that did not devolve into something involving superheros PLUS an actual change leading to more civilized behavior.