Monday, August 2, 2010

Levi's Baptism

The real highlight of the reunion for me was Levi's baptism. Mark scoped out an idyllic little lake, and our entire group--new babies and all--schlepped up to it.

It was a beautiful venue.
But what made it truly special for me was Levi.
His countenance was so pure and happy. His baptism clearly meant something special to him, and his radiant little spirit shone bright.

Mark conducted a little meeting. Logan gave a talk.
Then Levi and Mark found their footing on the lake bottom.

It was a very happy day for our family.


  1. Thats awesome! I didnt know that was part of the plan. What a special way to do a baptism - with family in your own private lake. Levi does look incredibly ready for his big event.

    And you look like a super model again.

  2. That is so cool! Please tell Levi congrats and I am so proud of him :)

  3. What an amazing experience and what a great looking family! Can't wait to hear what other grand adventures you had.

  4. super perfect setting for a baptism, great way to take the plunge into the gospel...

  5. Amazing. I still remember the special privacy of Roscoe's blessing in your home. Way to make those ordinances personal and memorable. You sure got some great pictures, too.

  6. so awesome. i would love if we could do that with all of our girls.

    great to see all the mcgee's together.

  7. How wonderful for the Ashurst-McGees!

    Don Bradley