Monday, August 9, 2010

Los Cinco

Finally Roscoe is back from his two-week trip to visit family in Dallas. And before he left, Levi had Cub Scout day camp, and before that Logan was at Scout camp for a week. So it's been a long time since I looked in my rear-view mirror and saw all five faces. The kids are almost giddy about being reunited. It was a pretty rollicking morning around here.

At lunchtime we drove to a Title I school across the neighborhood that serves free meals to kids. The kids talked about who knows what and laughed their way through lunch together. We were easily the most festive table in the joint. Our own self-contained party.

After lunch we went to the school playground. The kids worked to balance themselves on a teeter-totter. Does Roscoe and Haley equal Logan, Levi, and Jesse? They tried combination after combination. What if Levi sits behind Logan with Jesse on his lap? They never did get it perfectly balanced. And I know why.

There's still one missing. One little face who, once we finally see it, we'll know is as essential to our group as any of the others. Then we'll realize that this sense of someone missing we've had while Roscoe was gone has really been with us all the while.


  1. Love the new family pic.

    And love the sentiment in this post.

  2. You describe it well. We have had only a few of those evenings where we look around and realize, "hey, we're all here!" It's a lovely feeling. Usually it's a half-hour or less.