Friday, August 13, 2010

Low Tech

I searched high and low for a sleek CD book for my kitchen desk. Why are CD books so expensive? And ugly? And bulky? Finally, I hit on this simple solution. It's the little spiral notebook that used to sit at my business desk and that contains notes on potential clients and upcoming to-dos.

For years I've been wanting a compost bin but could never a. hit on a stink/pest free solution, or b. convince someone to help me execute this. We stole this idea from our friend Emily. Roscoe made it in an afternoon by drilling big holes all over a trash can. We hook a bungee cord from handle to handle to hold the lid secure and then roll it around the yard to mix and aerate.

Ladies, remember this trick with a hair elastic? Just right for, shall we say, certain seasons in a woman's life.


  1. Haha I LOVE that last trick!

  2. My first James Christensen art sighting was one called Low Tech and carries the message, "Before there was high tech there had to be low tech". You should check it out.

  3. I'd never seen that hair elastic trick; very clever!

  4. Reminds me of that phrase you used to (and maybe still do) have hanging on your fridge that goes something like, "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without." I was always so impressed with how well you do all those things.