Thursday, August 19, 2010


From now til my birthday is officially the Season of Projects for me. That's the time I have decreed I will be feeling energetic and well and will tackle every unorganized corner and scuffed paint job. Right now the real project is getting the kids back to school. But with the help of a neighbor, I did accomplish this today:

It's salsa made from the jalapenos, green peppers, and tomatoes from our very own gardens. This is probably the tenth recipe for canned salsa I've used and I'm still not over the moon with the outcome. This recipe does have the improvement of using lime juice instead of vinegar to boost the acidity.

Here's an upcoming project:

It's a wall-to-wall dresser set for Jesse and Levi's room. Mark and I scored it off craigslist last night. It's two dressers and a student desk, each with a bookshelf hutch where the boys can display their creations and treasures. I'm going to paint the whole thing and add new pulls. This will be a huge improvement over their current dresser:

Yikes. This is a disaster only partly because the boys are slobs and largely because the drawers don't open and close properly. This dresser used to hold their daddy's boy clothes and is now disintegrating to splinters despite the fact that my heroic father-in-law has buttressed it with wood glue, screws, and shims numerous times. The poor man basically walks into my house and begins trying to reassemble this sad dresser. But no more!


  1. That dresser project is gonna be a big one! But it will look so great when it's done!

    Good job decreeing when you'll be able to do projects. That way you can cut yourself some needed slack after your birthday.

  2. haha! I love the boys' dresser drawers. thanks for the smile :)