Friday, September 10, 2010


I introduced Jesse to ants on a log. (You know, pb and raisins on celery.) He digs it. Sweet.

Joni Mitchell "Radio" is a perfect song.

Our weekend of nothing-much-going-on includes karate practice, soccer practice, Shakespeare rehearsals, and a ward party.

After sipping Coke all summer long to settle my stomach, I don't drink pop anymore. But I have discovered Fuze. mmmm.

Mark and I have started season 6 of Lost. All day we send each other cryptic emails like, "maybe the note really just said save sayid or you're dead--but the water was murky and ineffective presumably BECAUSE jacob was dead, so I think he knew sayid couldn't be saved. so maybe jacob's plan to re-embody himself was a secret to all."

"Mormons Who Support a Mosque Near Ground Zero" has 382 members. I only check its stats about 15 times a day. Oprah hasn't called yet.

I made this chart of who will be in what grade when. In three years, Roscoe will have graduated from high school. At that point,
Coda will have just turned two. In six years, we'll have an RM, a missionary, two middle schoolers, a fifth grader (Jesse!), and a kindergartner.


  1. That's a pretty crazy chart!

    I've never gotten into Lost, but it sounds like you're having fun.

  2. Mark & I are only on season 2. It drives me crazy. I just want to know what happens as quickly as possible, so I can get on with my life!

  3. I have the same chart taped to the inside of my kitchen cabinet. Only mine was created in excel, includes missions and marriages, and culminates in 2027, when Mike and I will move to Costa Rica.

    I love that you can make some sense of Lost. Maybe that will be your published book: Lost and Found: A Cultural Phenomenon Decoded. Okay, the title needs work.