Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fun with Babies

Around here we've been thinking about the fun of babies.

In yoga, one of the chakras is the right to see and be seen. Mark and I love to just look into the eyes of a baby. Watch this baby connect with a dog.

This baby was born deaf. In this clip, you see what happens when its cochlear implant is turned on for the first time and the baby hears his mother's voice.

Oh my goodness, Daddy--stop for a minute and let this baby catch his breath!


  1. That first one caught me by surprise how cute it was. And the laughing baby one I've seen before and is often thought of as Isaiah laughs uncontrollably.
    How fun to have baby on the brain!

  2. I love the one that got the chochlear implant. What a smile, hearing his mommy's voice the first time!