Thursday, September 9, 2010


For whatever reasons, life has been spanking my bootie for several weeks. I think today what we have here is normalcy. Jesse and I spent the morning doing a bit of prenatal pilates and catching up on laundry--as in the bottoms of the laundry bins were sighted for the first time in ages.

We also got out the big bin of baby toys and reminisced about which babies loved which toys. Little Jess is the most enthusiastic brother-to-be I've ever known.
(Do you notice that Jess is wearing actual clothing? As in a full ensemble of shirt and pants? The result of a much-touted Target trip in which he could select any outfit of his choosing. That is, any outfit of his choosing from the $4/$8 table.)

Jesse is also in the constant questions mode. A few gems from today:

"Which hole did Alice fall in?"

"Will you buy me an ice gun so I can kill all the bad guys?"

"Do aliens have brains?"

"Are the brains green?"

"I love you and yes someone else." (After I sing, "I can't help myself, I love you and no one else.")

"No, you're just sleeping." (After I answer for the 20th time that Sleeping Beauty has that name because she's sleeping and she's a beauty and he observes that I'm sleeping, so I foolishly ask, "Am I a sleeping beauty?")

In other news, earlier this week Roscoe led the Scouts in sanding and staining cars for his Eagle project. (Yes, that Eagle project that's been on hold for more than a year.)


  1. I am jealous that you are seeing the bottom of the laundry bin, but even more thrilled that you are feeling better. Oh, and Kuddos to Jesse for getting dressed! That is a huge feat in our household as well.

  2. I'm so glad you had a more normal day! Jesse looks great. Asher is in the question phase, too. Grandma is loving it.

  3. That's the look of personal fulfillment on that young man's face! Congratulations to Roscoe and his parents!