Friday, September 17, 2010

Predictions, please

Wednesday is my gender-check ultrasound. So in five days we'll know if I am continuing my fine tradition of cooking up adorable, fat-cheeked boys or if somehow the universe has realigned giving me--finally--a baby girl.

I have to confess: This time I'm kind of hoping for a girl. I've loved, loved having boys, but this is my last chance for a baby girl and there's a part of me who wants to have that experience. Haley, as you can imagine, is quite certain of her choice.

Poll on top left sidebar. What's your prediction?


  1. Why ruin a perfectly good tradition? Keep those wonderful boys ah-comin'!

  2. As someone who really wanted a boy sibling for Scott, I was slightly disappointed at the gender check...however now that we are enjoying these first few days of her life, I really wouldn't trade Jennetta for the world. I know you think that when you find out, but it really is so very true.

  3. Angela, my friends and I have had a recent "string" of luck predicting gender with a little trick. I'd love to add you to our case study. Do: push a needle into the end of a pencil eraser. Thread the needle with some string. Softly close but do not clench your wrist. Holding on to the string next to the needle's eye, dangle the needle over your wrist. The needle will sway as it enters your energy field. Each boy you have had will cause the needle to sway parallel to your wrist. Then it will pause and move to your next child. Only your biological children will show up so hailey will not show. Each girl will show as a circle movement over your wrist. See if it works and let me know... Love you and your fat cheeked children!

  4. I really want to say I think you are going to have a girl. But I voted boy. I don't know why. But then again I was so sure Roko was a girl. Boys are awesome. And I somehow feel I will follow your all boy trend (only because I'm such a girlish-girl and Mark is so set on a girl for Roko's sibling.) Anywho...I anxiously await the results!

  5. I'd say it's a 50/50 chance you're having another boy. That's just the way statistics work.

    Have you seen Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead? Every time he tosses the coin it's a 50/50 chance, yet it always comes up heads.