Friday, October 8, 2010


Roscoe is in Cedar City this weekend to compete with his high school Shakespeare Team in the Utah Shakespearean Festival. He was very excited to win his audition for this competitive group and he's been rehearsing a lot. He's staying with friends in a hotel room for two nights, performing, and attending workshops.

Logan recently passed his First Ban Bu at karate, meaning he's a big step closer to his black belt. He ran a mile; did sit-ups, pull-ups, and several styles of push-ups; and tested on dozens of forms and defense techniques. The test lasted about four hours. It was grueling just to watch.

Mark and I always had the idea that children should do one sports/physical activity and one musical/artistic activity. But we've learned that this strategy doesn't work well for big kids. Roscoe and Logan have both reached the point where their activities are higher stakes, higher skill, and they really only have time for one thing aside from church and Scouts.

Levi, however, is happily doing both piano and soccer, which I think is a great combination. We're lucky to have a fantastic piano teacher living just around the corner. Levi came home very excited and motivated after his very first lesson and treated us to this sweet little melody as I made dinner that night.

Little Miss Haley is lucky enough to have had two sisters move into the house next door. She can almost always organize a playdate for the afternoon. It's such a blessing to have lovely friends in the neighborhood. Friends are so tricky. When to acquiesce, when to stand up for yourself; when to ask for what you want, when to defer to show good manners. Haley is getting lots of practice on these important skills.

Jesse is the Student of the Month in his preschool. Very prestigious. We made him this poster, complete with baby pictures, cartoons of his siblings, and an array of superheroes. Just a few weeks ago I suffered through what I think is my third round of I-cannot-manage-this-Jesse-kid-any-longer. I knew from historical evidence that he'd probably snap out of that hellish little phase soon, and thank the heavens he has.

Betsy and I suffered through quite a growth spurt last month. We gained two pounds a week for four weeks straight. We both found it very exhausting. Happily, we seem to have leveled out, and for now this pregnancy is riding pretty lightly on me. 

I'm enjoying getting to know Betsy through her wiggles. For example, she always wakes up and gets frisky when I get up to use the bathroom at night. I crawl back into bed and just feel her little thumps and bumps as I fall back to sleep. 

Last night she floated up to the top of my belly, where Mark could easily feel her. Finally his prodding bounced her away to the nether regions, where she stayed until he lost interest, then she bobbed her way back to the top again. A boring story, I know. But a very fun bedtime for Mark and me.


  1. You have such an admirable respect and love for each of your kids. I love reading about it. And you are so right about friends being tricky. Those relational skills are important and take some learning. Bravo to Haley!

  2. Sounds like you've been having fun. What great kids. how fun that Roscoe got to go to Cedar City. I'm sure he had a great time.