Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Remember these dressers I thrifted for Levi and Jesse's room way back in August? They're finally installed.

The cabinets seemed sturdy but were a terrible shiny laminate. I primed them with Zinsser primer, which is touted to stick to even glossy surfaces without sanding.
It totally worked. Rolled on thick and covered with no problems at all. I had Home Depot tint the white primer to a medium gray so the primer would already be giving color coverage and hopefully save on paint.
I sprayed the shiny gold pulls with this in "oil rubbed bronze."

Mark screwed the bookshelves to the bottom dressers, then bolted the whole thing to the wall for security. (Cuz have you heard about Jesse?)

The boys are already creating their own little tableaux of treasured objects.


  1. I need a translation of Mark's comment.

    The dresser's look awesome! They could cost millions in a Pottery Barn cataloug. The color is fab!

  2. Oh wait, just figured out Marks comment.

  3. wow! They look great. I'm sure the boys will love having that in their room