Monday, October 4, 2010


You've been suffering, I know, without information on how I've structured our chore system for this school year. Is it clipboards? Is it jewels? Oh, no. We're onto something new this year: ZONES.

The idea behind this is that I would like the kids to take more ownership and pride in their work. So instead of outlining micro-tasks, I've divided the house into zones and they take turns being responsible for one zone each week.

Each zone comes with a few daily responsibilities (like pick everything up off the floor) and a few once-a-week duties (like dust or vacuum). They choose when to do their work, including when to do the daily deep cleaning.

Levi the third-grader marks off his chores by practicing cursive. So cute!
So far, it's taking a lot of reminders from me, which I'm trying to wean us from. I'm waiting for someone to do an awesome job on their zone without being asked so I can praise them and shower them with gifts. Hasn't happened yet. But I will prevail!

p.s. The jewels systems worked fine for the summer. I enjoyed not giving instructions and letting the kids go free-form on their chores. The tactical error I made was making the list of possible jobs so long. Since there were so many options, kids weren't competing to finish tasks first. The dishwasher would sit full all day while kids trimmed bushes or washed baseboards. Which isn't all bad. But I think next time 'round I might list only the necessary daily jobs.

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  1. That chore wheel is so classic Ashurst that it's killing me. Ahhh, the memories. Way to go old school!