Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Betsy, 24 weeks

Here's the current belly shot:

Don't I look great for someone who's seven months pregnant? 

Too bad I'm actually a week shy of six months. 

Last week was Betsy's 24-week appointment. I never actually saw the doctor but heard Betsy's vibrant little heart chugging along, which was all I needed to happily sign on for another month. I love that sound. It's so energetic and sincere.
Every week in my body makes Betsy a happier, healthier girl. So I'll chug along too.


  1. It always seems so crazy to me how fast those little en-utero heartbeats are - until the baby comes out. And then as I stare at a baby with both arms and both legs and head flailing in all directions simultaneously, it makes perfect sense why the heartbeat would be so fast. "Energetic" is an understatement!

  2. Do you remember how Mark rented the heart beat monitor with Roko? It was so cool. You could record from it, too. It always made him so happy, because he never got to go to the appointments to hear it! I think it was about $20.