Monday, November 15, 2010

Enter the Maladies

The history of my pregnancy so far:

June: Waiting for news
July: Slog of Nausea
August: Aaah, better.
September: Soporific
October: Fantastic!
November: Enter Maladies (cue ominous music)

The last couple weeks have been a bit dicey. Last week I wrote but did not publish (largely due to the scorn it would receive from my brother Joe) a post introducing the Cast of Characters of the maladies that have beset me: Swollen ankles, jumpy legs that keep me awake all night, itchy skin, false contractions. You girls know the drill. (Except maybe the always-itchy skin on my neck. Anyone ever had that one?) And to be honest, I ought to add hormone-induced emotions to the list, because every setback seems to feel a bit more ominous, difficult, and bleak than it ought. These maladies seem more than a girl only 5-1/2 months pregnant should endure, and March seems very far away.

This week, I have decreed, will be better.


  1. ...did you mean soporific? Cause... well I only ask cause I had to look it up and Google asked...
    The awkwardness of me finding your spelling errors. Any chance you could right my universe?

  2. Now I just want to read your unpublished post! I remember feeling the same way. Nothing anybody ever says is comforting, but just remember that she can't stay in there forever!

  3. I'm blushing. Thanks for keeping a positive attitude....cause that is all that matters really...

  4. Yup, had the itchy skin thing. And there just isnt anything for it. Sorry. Good news, though. Now you have a reason to buy one of those retractable back scratchers. Which are also effective for poking people at a distance with!

  5. My latest is hearing everything instead of smelling everything. Too many children!