Wednesday, November 17, 2010


This week I stopped by Home Depot and casually bought myself one of these:

I cannot tell you how excited I am about this fridge. Our current fridge is a horror we inherited when we bought this house. Some kind of oily goo seeps from the pores on the door handle, so it's always black and sticky. The shelves are held on with packing tape. The tiny freezer is largely occupied by an ice maker that doesn't work. So I've been recreationally fridge shopping for years and finally found a deal we couldn't refuse.

This year has been the year of capital spending on large-family infrastructure. A new (to us) car, AC, furnace, fridge, and sod. (Not to mention the two sets of braces.) On Thanksgiving weekend, Mark and I are going to upgrade our laundry room, with new paint and additional shelving. This is becoming a house that serves eight people--and many of those are big people, with big laundry and food needs. I'm grateful to Mark for recognizing how a well-organized system of laundry bins and a freezer that actually accomodates a week's worth of food is such a blessing and help to me.