Friday, November 5, 2010


I know you've seen plenty of pictures of Jesse in his crazy get-ups. But here are some more from the past few weeks. 

Because here's the thing: One day Jesse won't spend his days in full superhero regalia, with "weapons" bristling from his "utility belt."

As predicted, the horrible season of whining, clinging, and screaming as the school year started has given way to a Jesse who is much more cooperative, pleasant, and independent. He does things like eat meals, sleep in his bed at the required hour, and leave his mother alone for minutes at a time.

This week I got Jesse's preschool "report card." On paper, he's not much of a genius. He's recorded as being able to count only to two. But what's really going on is that Jesse feels that things like "What comes after two?" and "What shape is this?" are boring questions. So he answers that a triangle is a tent and a rectangle is a bounce house. When asked how old he is, he says, "grown up." At this point, Jesse doesn't see much value or interest in rote learning; it's all about imagination.

I predict that in some ways Jesse will always march to the beat of his own drum. He'll toe the line when necessary, but always value imagination over convention. And maybe he'll be like his Uncle Mark and turn his current flair for costume into a lifelong adoration of gear. But still, the days will come when he wears a predictable combination of shirt and pants every day. When he'll tell people his real name (as opposed to a superhero one) and his real age (as opposed to that of one of his older siblings). When he and I won't chat our way through the day on topics such as the relative sizes of snails and whether the skeletons inside of us are alive or dead or how Batman would handle a burning house.

Those days may be more peaceful, but not necessarily better.

* Am I worried about Jesse's near-total lack of academic knowledge? Not at all. See here. It's certainly possible that Jesse will turn out to have a learning disability. In which case, we'll handle it. It's much more likely that one day he'll decide he's ready to learn to read and will do so in about ten minutes flat.


  1. "maybe he'll be like his Uncle Mark and turn his current flair for costume into a lifelong adoration of gear."
    You never know when you are going to need that utility belt. It's best to just wear it every day. Pulse I do look sweet in a red cape.
    Keep on being owsome Jesse...

  2. I love his answers of tent and bounce house! Way cooler. That Jesse is just one cool kid.