Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Careful what you wish for

I stood at the top of the stairs listening as Roscoe came in the door from school this afternoon. The door slammed opened and I listened to an amazing array of thumps and crashes before he came into view. How is it even possible to make that much noise walking through a doorway? Part of me expected to see him carrying some kind of metal scaffolding.

Sometimes it feels like my kids' exuberance is the bane of my existence. They grab a gallon of milk with a gusto that sends milk sloshing. They send papers skittering to the floor as they speed past my desk. Many times I wish they could just walk through a room without stomping and spilling and crashing.

But then, on a day like today, I repent of all that. Jess woke up with a fever and all day our little superhero has been quiet and subdued. He has walked softly, moved slowly, spoken quietly. He hasn't made any meses at all.

It's been a peaceful day, but no, it's not what I want.


  1. Although by the time I got there, Jesse was exuberant enough to proudly exclaim "I had a fever today!"

  2. I often find that it is when my children are happy and playing that I am most frustrated with them. It makes me sad because I want to encourage them to be happy, just at a lower volume.

    Thanks for this post and reminder that exuberance is a gift.

    Get better lil Jess!

  3. This reminds me of a friend years ago who had a child who grew very slowly because of illness that she knew would take his life within a few years. To this day, I think of her every time I hear a parent lament that they wish their child would slow down and not grow so fast or that they could freeze them in time for a bit.
    Let them be children; come what may.