Thursday, December 2, 2010

Loose Ends

Yesterday morning at 8:30 everyone but Jesse was off to school and we had an hour before Jesse needed to be at preschool. I agreed he could watch a show on PBS, thinking that would leave us a half hour for the both of us to get dressed and out the door. I turned on the TV for Jesse, went upstairs to lie down for a moment...and woke from a deep sleep a full hour later. If Jesse hadn't come to wake me, who knows how long I would have been there.

Which is related to the post I've been meaning to get to all week--the one cataloging the fruits of my Season of Projects (which I announced in August but didn't really get rolling until October). And the clear fact that said season has now ended. I made a goal to feel energetic until Thanksgiving and I (pretty much) achieved that goal. But clearly I'm now slowing down and turning inward.

Which may be related to how many of my projects are dangling loose ends. *sigh* Nevertheless, here are some of the things ticked off the list:

New Front Room Curtains

These are made from tablecloths from Target and clearance bedsheets from WalMart.

Dresser and Chair
You've already seen these dressers. But here's the finishing touch of a reupholstered desk chair. (Mom, remember when you bought this fabric for a wall hanging? It finally has a home!)

White Trim and Doors
I've painted trim and interior doors both upstairs and down. I think it makes everything look shiny and bright. This is a tricky job just because it must be done when no one is home--can't have kids brushing through wet doorways. There are still three more doors I'd love to do. Let's see if the opportunity ever arises.

Laundry Room

This is way more than a loose end. Over Thanksgiving Mark and I painted the walls sunrise yellow and he installed a big countertop to go over the top of the washer and dryer--thus preventing stray socks and Spray'n Wash bottles from falling behind. (If there had been any doubt of the need for this, it was all erased once Mark moved the appliances and we saw the shocking accumulation back there.) Now I have this lovely surface for sorting and folding.
Next steps: New shelves on the facing wall and a new system of 10 clean laundry buckets and 6 dirty laundry bins.

Outside Hardware

Our outside carriage lights and porch railings were a classy combination of shiny gold, white, and rust (the corrosion, not the color.) Mark and I painted it all with a fancy spray paint that gives it a lovely matte sheen and mottled texture. (Carriage lights still not reinstalled.)

This afternoon I'm off for a weekend visit to my sister in Virginia. My mom and other sister will also be there--along with 4 nephews and nieces. But at this point what I'm really looking forward to is sitting quietly, alone on the plane. When I get back, we have a week of birthdays, a week to pack and organize, and then we're off to a Mexico beach for Christmas!!


  1. GOOD WORK!!! NOw cuddle up and nap nap nap

  2. I want your washer and dryer. I am proud of you for all that you are getting done. Can you send some of your energy and motivation my way. I find that mine is severely lacking.

  3. I saw those table cloths at Target and strained to find a reason to buy them. I'm jealous you did! I now want front loaders for the sheer awesomeness of your shelf!

  4. I love the curtains, and I join in the washer dryer envy. Ours are very energy inefficient.

  5. I need to have you come and redo my house now:) Lucky you getting a get-away. Now you can recharge before CRAZY starts.