Monday, December 6, 2010

Sister Weekend

I have six fantastic sister-in-laws. But that doesn't mean I didn't love my weekend away with the two sisters I've loved since they were born. Plus our mommy!

We spent plenty of time gazing at Nancy's new baby and playing with her three other children. The highlight was our trip to the National Cathedral to hear Handel's Messiah.

It was beautiful and amazing. For me it was a meditation on my faith and I felt sorry for anyone who was just a spectator at a Christmas tradition.

After the performance, we went to this tapas restaurant. Don't worry, Ruth had to explain to concept of tapas to us as well. We ordered 10 little dishes of all kinds of Spanish treats. The favorites were the bacon-wrapped dates, salad with fennel and pomegranate, and lamb chops with rosemary.

We four love our home families and day jobs, but it was such a wonderful treat to get away from it all and just be together.


  1. That picture makes me wish we had been on the balcony!

    What a fun weekend it was. And truly memorable. Tell Mark thanks from me for holding down the fort so that you could come!

  2. Hi Angela - I saw your comment on my blog. It's not possible to download books directly from the Nook, but I've found that it's pretty easy to side-load them. I've heard rumors that it's possible to download and sideload them to your Kindle, if you process them through Calibre, but I'm not sure if I'm right about that.

    Anyway, I think that both the Kindle and the Nook are pretty good, but as a librarian, of course I got the open-source product. I'm sure you'd be happy with either!


  3. I love Handel's Messiah, and tapas. What a great trip. And your cute mommy looks like one of the girls. What a blessing to have family that enjoys being together and doing the same things.