Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gray Lining

This is where we spent last week:
That's Mark in the orange shorts with Roscoe next to him. Haley's in the pink shirt on the middle right.
When we stepped off our back porch, we were literally in the sand, on the beach. And no one was on the beach but me and my extended family.

Too bad I was sick the whole time.

I tried to be a good sport, but I coughed constantly, was in bed every night by ten, and was in an impaired fog the whole time. It's pretty tragic because I think family reunions are the highlights of life, and I more or less missed this one.

More pics from my sister Nancy here.


  1. Oh, Ang! I'm so sorry! Silver lining: looks like everyone else is having fun???

  2. I took that picture and even I can't believe how gorgeous it is. ...Maybe the week will become one of those things that was actually miserable while it was happening, but eventually all you'll remember are the highlights. Is that helpful? To think that at some point you'll be way beyond this? Snuggling a squishy baby wrapped in a pink blanket? Drinking a coke? Having just woken up from a four hour nap which no children interrupted. And your house is spotlessly clean because Mark took care of everything while you napped. And your other children are all sitting around the kitchen table playing Monopoly without any bickering. Oh! And Mark is reading the scriptures aloud in the background and every once in a while one of the kids looks up from Monopoly long enough to make some deep spiritual insight. And see behind Haley? That's a chocolate cake on the counter. The best one you've ever had! Go cut yourself a slice and relax.

    ...Wow, I got a little caught up in your fantasy there...

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry tom hear you were sick. What a bummer...now you'll just have to have your family do it all over again someday so you can get that silver lining trip to the beach in Mexico:) Did you eat at least get to eat a tamale for me?

  4. I hope you get feeling better soon! What an unfortunate time for illness to fall.