Thursday, December 9, 2010

You know, stuff

Little Miss Haley turned 7 yesterday. She shared her birthday party with Mark, whose birthday is tomorrow. I wish I had been there on the day Haley was born.

The first time this year we've had this:

 Poor sick Levi started out draped over the heater vent, and then segued into a two-hour nap with the front door mat as his pillow.
I love, love when kids play like this. Jesse made a careful selection of guys and creatures and lined them all up along the toy cubbies.
Who remembers getting horsie rides from their Daddy? Our intrepid horsie carries children to bed after family prayer. He even goes up stairs! Trying to stay in the saddle is part of the fun.


  1. That's some good stuff. Mark and Haley both look great in that first photo.

  2. My favorite is the little high voice they use to make their characters talk. So cute!